Thursday, March 17, 2011

Other Battle Of The Book News

I have read neither of the books that went head-to-head in Round 1, Match 2, though I did read the three books that came before A Conspiracy of Kings. I am commenting on what happened here, because the judge gave the decision to Kings' opponent, Countdown, in part because "I haven’t read any of the other titles in Turner’s series. Though I have heard many reviewers posit that A Conspiracy of Kings can stand alone, I would argue that it does so on wobbly legs. While I have no doubt that everything one wishes for in an engrossing read is right here in these pages, I couldn’t help but feel that I’d arrived too late to the party. I didn’t even know that Sophos had been missing! For two whole books!"

Serial books are a risk. Just saying. And, you know, I've said that before.

Round 1, Match 3: Haven't read either of the books and have no thoughts on this one.

Round 1, Match 4: I happen to be reading one of the books, so I'll wait until I finish to read the judge's comments, though I do know her decision.

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