Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Yes, I Was Once A Bookmobile Patron

From grades three through seven I attended schools without libraries. (To be honest, they didn't have indoor plumbing, either. Or running water. We had TVs, though. I kid you not.) Periodically, we'd be visited by bookmobiles. Everyone would pick out a couple of books, and after we finished reading them, we'd trade them around in school while waiting for the bookmobile to come back.

Now, you'd think this would lead to all kinds of stories about various kids' reading interests, and who would line up to get Denise's books when she was done and who would want Tom's. I can't recall anything like that.

I'm guessing that a bookmobile will one day figure prominently in some work of magical realism, if it hasn't already. Or maybe a zombie story.

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noochinator said...

Yeah, a flying bookmobile that goes into outer space, or underwater, or to the center of the earth, or into the human body like in "Fantastic Voyage".... I have a feeling outdoor "plumbing" will come back, these things go in cycles...