Friday, July 15, 2011

A Find From The E-mail Mess

I just found an e-mail from early December (of last year, at least, and not earlier) about a publication called Talking Writing. I don't have a prayer of ever being able to read this thing regularly, or maybe even at all, just as I don't have a prayer of reading some other on-line and traditional publications I come upon these days.

What I've started doing is Liking their Facebook pages. These are professional pages, not personal ones, so there's no friending and interacting with them, which suits me just fine. As if I have time to be friends with a magazine. But what these publications do through their Facebook pages is post now and then with links to some of their recent articles. At least I'm seeing that much, and if there's something that interests me I might be able to make a few minutes to at least skim it.

Oh, my goodness. It's two in the afternoon. I need to eat.

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