Friday, July 15, 2011

Well That Was Exhausting

Going through the old e-mails on my two (I used to belong to four or more) listservs was exhausting and nowhere near as pleasurable as I thought it would be. And I still have more to go in of them.

What slowed me down is that I held on to a lot of these things because I needed to check out links that were included in many of the messages for one reason or another. What's left in the second listserv isn't like that, so I should be able to go faster.

I think in the future I'm just going to have to make snap decisions and delete stuff right away. I'm getting the feeling from a listserv discussion I just read that that's what a lot of people do. It must be the only way to stay out from under the load.

I've worked two days on office-related details and the room still looks like a hurricane hit it because most of the work has been weeding through things on the hard drive.

I'm going out for a glass of wine soon. I need it.

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