Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting An Overall Revision

Yesterday I started revising the draft I finished about a month ago. And I did work on it en plein air.

Yesterday seems like an odd day to have started, because it was Wednesday. I know Tuesday was an eldercare day, but what did I do Monday?

The title of this post says "Overall Revision," because I revise as I go along, and some of the early chapters already went through as many as eight drafts. Many writing authorities will tell you that that's not a good thing. To which I say, "I'm okay with being bad."

I do hope to read a couple of posts on revision at Dee White's blog. The title of the first post, Using Your Plot Diagrams As Working Drawings is a little discouraging for me guessed it...I don't have any plot diagrams. Post 2, The Scenic Route, sounds as if it could be more for me. Anyone who took two and a half years to finish a complete book draft, as I did, probably has already been taking the scenic route.

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