Saturday, January 28, 2012

Children's Lit Day On NPR

This is incredible.

First, I caught the tail end of an interview this morning with Penelope Lively who has written a load of children's books, including The House in Norham Gardens. She has a new, nonchildren's book out, How It All Began.

Then I heard an entire interview with John Green, who, of course, is a YA author. He has a new book out, The Fault in Our Stars.

I am cooking this afternoon (for what seemed like a couple of freaking hours), and the first thing I know, I realize I'm listening to a very interesting piece on Ezra Jack Keats. The Snowy Day.

But...that's...not...all. I went on to Facebook tonight only to learn that...Jack Gantos was on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! He doesn't exactly have a new book out. He has a new Newbery Medal.

Seriously, was this planned or did it just happen? It could be that children's literature is just so all over the place that four children's writers could turn up on the same radio network on the same day. Yes. It could happen.

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