Monday, September 24, 2012

Do You Need Someone To Draw You A Picture To Understand Plot Shapes?

If so, 21 Plot Shapes and the Pros and Cons of Each could be for you.

I found this article over a month ago and e-mailed the link to myself so I'd remember to read it. It worked! I just found it in my in-box and did, indeed, read it.

It took some effort on my part, though, because at first I thought all the different line drawings describing plots were a joke. But, no, it's for real. And many of them do make sense. Fortunately, the author, Mette Ivie Harrison (turns out I've written about her before here at OC), used a lot of children's/YA novels as examples, and I happened to have read them. Plot 2 relates to The Hunger Games and 3 to The Queen of Attolia. Plot 7--Holes. Plot 19--Some books by Holly Black. Many of the other plot shapes relate to well-known books, TV shows, or movies.

My two favorite lines appear in Plot 14. "There is no climax, no high moment, no resolution. There is only death."

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