Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time Management Tuesday: A Productivity List

From an earlier issue of  The Write Joyce: 10 Simple Steps to Exceptional Daily Productivity. This productivity article includes a number of steps we've discussed here in relation to managing time.

1. Every Sunday night, map out your week. Absolutely. Planning can be the constant we can depend on in a life that is always and rapidly changing. Having a written plan not only keeps you on task, it gives you opportunities to see that you are accomplishing things over the course of the week. Quite honestly, I have not been able to get back to the Sunday night planning routine after a couple of months of upheaval.

2. Actively block out task time.  You can do this Sunday night. You can determine how many units you want to commit various projects. You can also determine when you'll put the time in.

6. Obsess over leveraging edge time. I'm not sure what this author means by "edge time." I can't find the term defined on-line. It sounds as if he's talking about something like transitional time. He's talking about really transitioning from one place to another, though. I don't know that I would suggest people make calls in the car. Listening to audiobooks and professional podcasts are an alternative I'd be more likely to try.

Check out the rest of the ten steps.

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