Monday, April 28, 2014

Sometimes A Woman Just Has To Read A Graphic Novel

I am a fan of of Faith Erin Hicks' graphic novels. She has a very distinctive style that I am drawn to. So, yes,  I had to snatch Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Hicks and Prudence Shen off my library's shelf.

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is the story of a robotics team clashing with a cheerleading squad over funding. Unless it is the story of a teenager clashing with his parents who gets involved with the robotics team members and cheerleaders. When I finished the book, I wondered if there were two stories here or if I'd missed the main show. Mainly I wondered about this because if the robotics team/cheerleaders is the real story, it didn't take off until the mid-point.

But graphically this book has what I like about graphic novels. With a good graphic novel, I can just suck in, absorb a story. The images carry so much of the action, and I can whip through them and take in what's happening so quickly. I love the rush. In fact, I hunted through the graphic novels at the library because I was feeling a GN urge.

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