Friday, July 24, 2015

So What Have You Been Doing Since June 26th, Gail?

I haven't done a post checking on goals since June 26th. Though I committed more time than usual since then to the personal side of my life, I did chip away at work.

Goal 1. Mummy Book. I had to go back and revise again before I could move on. This was pretty significant, actually, and it is allowing me to get the end of the book lined up. Until I revise that, too, of course.

Goal 7. General Marketing/Branding. I spent quite a lot of time learning to use Tweetdeck, which I'll be writing about here at some time. Lovin' the Tweetdeck. I also had an opportunity to submit workshop proposals to a Connecticut library.

Goal 2. Short Pieces. Because of Tweetdeck, I saw that a publication had opened for submissions for two weeks, and I submitted.

Goal 5. Community Building. I started work on next month's Connecticut Children's Literature Calendar and reposted an OC post to my Goodreads blog.

Goal 6. Marketing STP&S. Yesterday's Environmental Book Club included a little marketing for Saving the Planet & Stuff.

On the personal side, I finished that quilt top, broke in these Bryce Dallas Howard dinosaur hunting shoes (Yeah, I saw Jurassic Park), went to one of the two best weddings I've attended in my entire life, and started binge reading The Dublin Murder Squad.

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