Monday, December 21, 2015

Time Management Tuesday: Know When To Give Up

At Chez Gauthier we are accustomed to trauma at Christmas time. We've had a number of death watches over the years. A funeral on Christmas Day once. One year three of us were sick December 23rd or so with something really nasty that had gone through the Sunday school Christmas pageant the day before. Another time, we had someone find out in mid-December she needed surgery. It turned out well in the end, but the end came well after Christmas.

"Ho, ho, ho." That's irony, right?

This year, once again, we've had a death in our extended family. It's not one of our personal Christmas traumas, but it does mean spending extra time with an older relative down here in Connecticut and a day-long trip to Vermont for time with relatives up there.

Then there's possible jury duty coming up the next day that could mean that I'm taking someone's elder care duty.

And that, my lads and lasses, is why you haven't been seeing much action here at Original Content this past week. And you won't see much action until, maybe, next weekend. Any time or energy I can scrape together will go to finishing the second draft of The Mummy Hunters. Truthfully, I'm not expecting to get much done with that, either.

Look for something you can give up on and NOT DO to help you get through the holiday season, even if Christmas trauma isn't your thing. Ho, ho, ho.

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DMS said...

Sorry to hear about your past Christmas traumas. Hope that this Christmas didn't have any more trauma/bad news in store for you than what you already knew when you wrote this post. Good luck catching up with everything you have to do.