Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Try To Miss Me Just A Little. Or Better Yet, A Lot.

Vacation 2014
Original Content is taking a vacation, because I am. I will be posting my biking mileage at Facebook every few days, and I might tweet occasionally, if I feel a compelling need to. (I sometimes live tweet TV shows and season premiere time is coming up.) Remote possibility that I might create some new Pinterest boards, because that's fun. Otherwise I'm not even planning to check my e-mail regularly.

Vacation 2015

What About Vacations And Time Management?

Today is Tuesday, so this should be a Time Management Tuesday post. I could be writing about how preparing for vacation is very stressful and time consuming. It increases monkey mind problems.

And what about goals for vacation? Shouldn't I have those? I'm very goal-oriented these days, and I feel that during vacation I should be working on goals unrelated to work. Because I'm on vacation. No work. So I'm thinking instead my goals should be reading French. And meditating. And reading lit journals. And writing in journals. And reading about tai chi. Hmm. Is there something called objective panic?

But you know what would be a really good vacation goal? Arriving at the motels where you have reservations at the time when you've reserved them.

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