Saturday, June 29, 2019

Enola Holmes Movie Is In The Works

I am Facebook Friends with Nancy Springer (which means we're not actually friends or really even know each other), author of the Enola Holmes series, and so I've been aware of an Enola Holmes movie coming up, since Nancy has been passing on news as it became
available. Things really started popping this past week.

Earlier this year, Nancy announced that Millie Bobby Brown was going to star as Enola Holmes and act as the film's producer. (I've read that there are plans to film all the books.) I am not that big a Stranger Things fan, and Brown is my main reason for watching.

In rapid succession, we heard this week that:

  • Helena Bonham Carter will play Enola's mother.
  • Henry Cavill will play Enola's brother. (That would be Sherlock Holmes.)
  • And Fiona Shaw will play...well, no one knows who she's playing, but it doesn't matter because she's so great in Killing Eve.

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