Monday, September 28, 2020

My 2020 National Book Festival Experience

This year's National Book Festival was this past weekend, and it was digital, because it's 2020. It was the 20th book festival, and this was the first time I "attended" any part of it. Because it was digital.

I had some problems maneuvering through the Book Festival website and accessing the author presentation/videos and live question and answer sessions. I couldn't figure out how to access the question and answer sessions at all for the two authors I was interested in on Friday. On Sunday I got that worked out for the last two authors I was watching, but I kept losing the connection with one of them. I don't know whether that was because I wasn't set up close enough to our modem (I've had that problem before), I need a new computer (this laptop is seven years old), or there were problem with the Book Festival's website. I also had trouble getting to one of the author presentations on Sunday. I had to go directly to YouTube for one of them.

I went hiking on Saturday, so, yeah, nothing that day.

Nonetheless, I saw some great stuff on Friday and Sunday, and now you can, too, because these authors' presentations are on YouTube.

Links To Author Presentations On YouTube

Gene Luen Yang I watched Gene Luen Yang's presentation, because I just plain like him. I've liked some of his books, his articles, and reading about him. Watch through the point where he's discussing his new book Superman Smashes the Klan.

Mike Curato I chose Mike Curato, because his new book, Flamer, released this month and was part of one of my September book release posts. His cover and book title were striking, and I recalled them. I guess this is an example of marketing working.

Alaya Dawn Johnson I just discovered Johnson on the list of authors appearing at the Festival. She interested me, because she writes across age groups. She's an award winning YA author of speculative fiction whose new book, Trouble the Saints, is adult historical fiction with a fantasy element. 

Mary Robinette Kowal I have one of Kowal's Lady Astronaut books on my Kindle. She has a new book out in this series, The Relentless Moon.

Emily St. John Mandel Well, of course, I course I listened to Mandel, because of Station Eleven. She has a new book out, The Glass Hotel.

You can probably go through the list of Festival authors and find their presentations either at the Festival site or at YouTube.

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