Saturday, December 05, 2020

I've Done 48 Hikes This Year! And, Yes, That Does Relate To Children's Books

I am not a major fan of wordless picture books. But I definitely enjoyed Hike by Pete Oswald, possibly because I've been out for minor hikes one to two times a week this year. (I prefer to call them walks, truthfully, because the longest was only 4 miles, but that wouldn't work in this blog post, would it?) .  A number of the shortest hikes were with a very small person suffering from being housebound these many months.

That's what Hike is about--a hike with an adult and child, in this case a father and a young one who I think could be of either gender. The illustrations are terrific and carry a very coherent and simple story line regarding the characters' day trip. There's plenty to talk about on most of the pages, especially with a little listener who has been out on trails.

Oh, and this is a 2020 book! A pandemic book about my major out-of-house pandemic activity.

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