Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Stunning Writing Experience

The last couple of weeks I've been going through some torturous planning for a project I'm seven chapters into. I've 

  • Collected all the house descriptions I've used so far and put them in one place so I know what this place looks like. Plus I've drawn plans of both floors.
  • I've made a formal timeline of births and events that occur before the action of the book begins. As a result, I realized that someone had to be older than I'd originally planned, which required some changes to the text.
  • I'm working on a voice exercise for an extremely important secondary character and while I'm at it I'm having him explain--for me--the tragic construction disaster that triggered some other events.

It's been slow going, folks.

However, just now I whipped off an e-mail to someone I went to high school with that went on and on. I mean I could not stop writing. Told her what I wanted to tell her, elaborated on it, then told her some other unrelated stuff.

I'm feeling kind of stunned.

Every day should be like this. I should be stunned by the writing I'm doing. Absolutely stunned.

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