Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Weekend Writer: Something For You Poets

I am not a major fan of reading poetry, and I've never been interested in writing it. That changed--a little bit--when I took a flash workshop last summer that included prose poetry. Turns out I do have a little interest in that.

As a result, I hoped to do a little something about National Poetry Month, which we are about a third of the way through right now. I hope to submit my prose poem somewhere--anywhere--by April 30th, for one thing.

For another, I have some material to offer you from The Cincinnati Review on how to tell if a poem is ready to submit. Given what I said in my second paragraph, you can see why this article caught my eye. 

As long as I'm doing a poetry post, here's a link to 10 Wonderful Children's Poets You Should Know at Literary Hub

Here's another list, with a number of additional names, this one from What Do We Do All Day?

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