Tuesday, May 25, 2021

May Childlit Book Releases

Promoting new children's books during the pandemic hit a number of happy buttons for me. 

  • I love a sense of mission
  • I love a little obsession
  • I love that my blog stats have gone up over the period that I've been doing this

This is hugely time consuming, though. So next month, to try to carry on while making a little more time, I'm going to drop the publisher names from the book listings. Getting the book title and author names out will help the publishers, anyway.

Hmm. Maybe this situation could become a Time Management Tuesday post. 

May 1 Whole Whale, Karen Yin, Nelleke Verhoeff illustrations, Barefoot Books  (Announced date. Author on Twitter says release has been delayed, but it sounds imminent.)





May 4 Princesses Can Fix It, Tracy Marchini, Julia Christians illustrations, Page Street Kids






May 4 The Last Shadow Warrior, Sam Subity, Scholastic






May 4 Glitter Gets Everywhere, Yvette Clark, HarperCollins 







May 4 Flight of the Puffin, Ann Braden, Nancy Paulsen Books/PenguinRandomHouse






May 4 Fearless, Kenny Porter, Zach Wilcox illustrations, Graphix/Scholastic 






May 4 Thrive, Kenneth Oppel, Knopf/PenguinRandomHouse







May 4 Freaky Funky Fish, Debra Kempf Shumaker, Claire Powell illustrations, Running Press/Hachette





May 4 The Adventure is Now, Jess Redman, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux/Macmillan






May 11 The Road to Wherever, John Ed Bradley, Farrar, Straus and Giroux/Macmillan






May 11 Lucky Girl, Jamie Pacton,  Page Street Kids






May 11 Thanks a Lot, Universe, Chad Lucas, Abrams  







May 11 Unsettled, Reem Faruqi, Harper Collins  






May 11 Mission Multiverse, Rebecca Caprara, Abrams







May 11 Bear Bottom, Stuart Gibbs, Simon & Schuster 






May 11 Jo Jo Makoons: The Used To Be Best Friend, Dawn Quigley, Tara Audibert illustrations, Heartdrum/HarperCollins 







May 11 Just a Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe, Sarah Mlynowski, HarperCollins 






May 11 Pawcasso, Remy Lai, Henry Holt/Macmillan






May 15 The Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci, Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan, Micah Rauch illustrations, Nomad Press






May 18 The Little Spacecraft That Could, Joyce Lapin, Simona Ceccarelli illustrations, Sterling






May 18 Gwendolyn's Pet Garden, Anne Renaud, Rashin Kheiriyeh illustrations, Nancy Paulsen Books/PenguinRandomHouse






May 18 Saint Ivy: Kind at All Costs, Laurie Morrison, Amulet/Abrams Books 







May 18 Taking Up Space, Alyson Gerber, Scholastic






May 18 Jude Banks, Superhero, Ann Hood, PenguinRandomHouse







May 18 I'm Getting a Shark, Brady Smith, Nancy Paulsen Books/PenguinRandomHouse







May 25 What Are Your Words?, Katherine Locke, Anne Passchier illustrations, Little Brown

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