Sunday, September 19, 2021

September Childlit Book Releases

This is it folks, my last monthly children's book release post. Enjoy it!

I began doing these at the beginning of the pandemic to support authors publishing books in an environment in which they couldn't do traditional in-person promotion. Now we have a robust virtual author appearance system, and on-site author appearances are slowly coming back. While these book round-ups have been good for my blog in terms of bringing visitors here, and I've gained new Twitter followers while doing them, creating them is hugely time consuming. And then there's promoting the post on Twitter afterwards. All of this has kept me from doing other types of blogging and even cut into my overall writing time.

So, the situation has changed, thus it's time for me to change what I'm doing.

Oh, and for the last time--these are just the September book releases I stumbled upon on social media. Many more books were published this month.

Sept. 7 The Midnight Brigade, Adam Borba  






Sept. 7, Born Behind Bars, Padma Venkatraman






Sept. 7 When Langston Dances, Kaija Lanley, Keith Mallett illustrations






Sept. 7 Fairy Tale Science, Sarah Albee, Bill Robinson illustrations 






Sept. 7 Willodeen, Katherine Applegate 







Sept. 7 Robo-Motion: Robots That Move Like Animals, Linda Zajac






Sept. 7 Norman Didn't Do It! (Yes he did), Ryan T. Higgins 







Sept. 7 A Touch of Ruckus, Ash Van Otterloo






Sept. 7 Lights Day and Night: The Science of How Light Works, Susan Hughes, Ellen Rooney






Sept. 7 Animal Architects, Amy Cherrix, Chris Sasaki illustrations





Sept. 7 Defending Champ, Mike Lupica 






Sept. 14 Niki Nakayama, A Chef's Tale In 13 Bites, Debbi Michiko Florence and Jamie MichalakYuko Jones illustrations 




Sept. 14 The Secret Code Inside You: All About Your DNA, Rajani LaRocca, Steven Salerno illustrations 







Sept. 14 How to Win a Slime War, Mae Respicio






Sept. 14 A Soft Place to Land, Janae Marks 






Sept. 14 The Last Kids on Earth and the Doomsday Race, Max Brallier 






Sept. 14 As Babies Dream, Leslea Newman, Taia Morley illustrations 






Sept. 15 We Want Snow, Jamie A. Swenson, Emilie Boon illustrations






Sept. 21 For Every Little Thing, June Cotner and Nancy Tupper Ling, editors, Helen Cann illustrations






Sept. 21 Battle Dragons: City of Thieves, Alex London






Sept. 21 Cuba in my Pocket, Adrianna Cuevas 







Sept. 21 The Wolf's Curse, Jessica Vitalis






Sept. 21 The Samosa Rebellion, Shanthi Sekaran 






Sept. 28 Pony, R. J. Palacio






Sept. 28 Barb the Last Berserker, Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson







Sept. 28 Beasts of Prey, Ayana Gray






Sept. 28 It's OK, Slow Lizard, Yeorim YoonJian Kim illustrations, Chi-Young Kim translator

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