Monday, September 27, 2021

Sunday In The Park With Linda: An In-Person Author Appearance

Yesterday I attended an in-person book launch for Linda Zajac's very attractive and intriguing picture book, Robo-Motion: Robots That Move Like Animals.  It was the first in-person author appearance I've attended since, I believe, December 2019

I see a lot of book people on Facebook chomping at the bit to get back to in-person book events after a year-and-a-half of pandemic living. I've always found it difficult to feel all that enthusiastic about being with strangers in confined places, even before masks. Also, the last couple of years before Covid I was aware of how much of my time was going to running around doing...stuff. One positive thing the pandemic has done is give me some control over that. I've loved eliminating prep- and drive-time to attend literary on-line events. (I'm going to a workshop sponsored by an organization in Cincinnati this very evening!)

I also loved Linda's book launch, even though I had to iron a shirt to wear to it and drive fifteen minutes to get there. The site was in a pavilion in a charming town park, an outdoor, safer setting with some strolling possibilities on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It wasn't a dead-end event, like going to the grocery store or the doctor or a bookstore, where you've made an effort to go for one thing and then go home.

At this book launch, you could chat and purchase a book and head off for an easy mile walk.

Sad to say, Linda has raised the bar for book launches for me. And not just because of the walk across an extensive lawn to this tower and the impressive view beyond it.

She served cake.

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