Friday, February 18, 2022

And Another New Humor Publication From Gail

My humor piece Living in Nature: A post-apocalyptic forest science unit for Grade 4 was published today at Slackjaw, the largest humor site on the Medium platform. Slackjaw is more selective than some of the other publications on Medium. A few months ago, it rejected a submission from me. I was hoping to break in this year and am delighted I made it so soon.

Notice I did not say that getting published at Slackjaw was a goal for this year. I like to limit goals to things I have some control over. I can't control what editors do. Instead, I made "Submit to the two major humor sites at Medium" an objective for my goal "Concentrate on submissions and maintaining the number of submissions I made last year."  Submitting is something I can control.

This is another piece of writing that drew upon my personal experience. No, I have not headed out into the wild as a survivalist. But I have written 75 letters to a young family member relating to the weekly hiking I've been doing over the last couple of years. I would think about what I would write while I was walking, looking for things to tell him about and taking pictures. 

From that I moved to imagining what I would say to a youngster about surviving in the woods. From that I went to a post-apocalyptic scenario. From that I went to a school unit. 

By the way, I took the photo illustrating this piece. It was taken during a very good Sunday walk, sort of a stroll. That path goes through an abandoned Christmas tree farm. It was huge.

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