Saturday, February 05, 2022

The Weekend Writer: An Opportunity For Unagented Picture Book Writers

I learned about the 2022 PBParty Annual Contest at my writers' group Tuesday night. It's an opportunity for unagented picture book writers and writer/illustrators to make a submission to a pool from which a group of projects will be drawn for the agents and editors connected with the event to read. Some of whom may ask to see more of a particular author's work.

Note, this is not a Twitter pitch. You will need a query and 60 to 70 words of a completed, ready-to-submit manuscript. You will have two windows on March 1 to submit your material via a Google form, a link to which will be provided. 

There's lots of information on this event at the link above. Check it all out.

I must add that networking about events like this is another benefit of belonging to a writers' group, particularly one with trained, active writers who are pursuing study and submission.

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