Friday, May 19, 2023

My Newest Humor Piece, And What I'm Doing On Medium

In  case you haven't picked up on this, I have made a lot of book submissions over the years. I've read a lot of articles on how to do it. I may have attended a few workshops on the subject. I can't remember. It's all a blur, to be honest.

All that how-to resulted in my humor piece, The Trick to Writing Stellar Book Submission Letters, which was published yesterday at Greener Pastures Magazine, a Medium publication.

Now, Greener Pastures asked for some revisions before accepting my submission. Their main request was about structure, and I was embarrassed that I'd missed what their editor picked up on. Yesterday, while The Trick to Writing Stellar Book Submission Letters was enjoying its first day of publication, I was revising another humor piece for another Medium humor publication that may or may not publish the revised material. The editor there had picked up on an issue with that submission that was similar to the one the Greener Pastures' editor cited for Writing Stellar Book Submissions.

I am grateful for the feedback.

I'm also feeling that the experience I'm gaining with my writing for the humor sites on Medium is similar to the experience comics get performing "on the road." I'm definitely learning, and I hope I am improving. 

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