Thursday, May 11, 2023

You Won't Believe What I've Been Doing

Elisa Ventur @ Unsplash
I kid you not, I am still going through to-do e-mails

I have managed eight blog posts since I started working on the to-dos, and I wrote a Time Management Tuesday piece for this week. But I forgot to post it until after I'd turned off my computer Tuesday night, maybe because of those e-mails I was slogging through, and Tuesday is over now. I also have a number of book posts I could be working on except there are still to-do e-mails to deal with.

I did have one humor piece published this past month, and I have another one that's supposed to be coming out next week.

But the to-do items in my email in-baskets go on and on.

Yes, yes, I have learned my lesson.

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