Friday, March 01, 2024

Friday Done List March 1


Well, I'm feeling some improvement this week.

Goal 1. Adult Short Stories, Essays, And Humor

  • Far away from finishing a draft of a short piece this week. But I have started work on the short story! I had some serious thoughts about it recently that made it possible to get started again.
  • I'll be "watching" the workshop I signed up for tomorrow, because I couldn't take it live yesterday. That's the beauty of the Off Campus Writers Workshop. They send you a recording of the workshop that you can use for one week. So you can sign up for workshops you know you can't attend. Which is what I did.

Goal 2. Submit 143 Canterbury Road to Agents

  • Two submissions.
Goal 3. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding
  • Finally finished updating the short-form writing links on my website. That took a long time to get to.
  • Three Original Content posts, including this one. 
  • Do some blog promoting this weekend. I'm doing so much this weekend.

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