Friday, June 18, 2004

Writer Worries

So I'm at my writers' group the other night, and we're discussing this short story I wrote in which I have a character say, "Boloney."

Steve says to me, "I hate to nitpick, but you've spelled 'boloney' wrong." (Steve actually is a very good reader so he's totally forgiven any time he really does nitpick.)

So we talked about that for a few minutes, particularly my concern that if I wrote the word "bologna" readers would pronounce it in their minds "bologna" as in the meat instead of "boloney" as in, well, "boloney!"

So I'm revising the story this morning, and I Google boloney and find out that it's also spelled baloney. So now I have another problem. And, of course, the spellcheck function for this blog said I should have spelled "boloney" "Boolean" (which I think has something to do with classifying stuff or logic or Internet searches) and "baloney" "baleen" (which I think is a whale) and "bologna" "Bologna," (which I'm sure is a city.)

Geez. Maybe I'll just think of something else for that character to say.

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