Monday, June 21, 2004

You Want to See an On-line Book?

You want to read one? Try Hover Car Racer by Matthew Reilly, who is a best-selling author from Australia. Though he is a suspense writer for adults, Hover Car Racer is written for a Young Adult audience.

I haven't read Hover Car Racer because I'm not interested enough in racing to read a book about it and maybe not even a magazine article. And though I love the Internet and I'm interested in alternative ways to publish fiction, I don't think I can sit in front of a computer screen while reading 27 page chunks of books. However, people who have grown up with the Internet may be happy to do so, which is why I thought it was worthwhile to bring this book to the attention of younger readers.

Here is an interesting idea: Reilly is able to make Hover Car Racer available for free because he has two underwriters who will be advertising at the site. Has he broken new ground here? Is this the future?

Here's something else you may find interesting: I linked above to an article about Reilly instead of his website because I found his website unusable. Slooooow to load and then I couldn't move around once I got in it. I bring it up because, well, here's a guy who's publishing on the Internet but has a website that is so difficult? Irony, folks!

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