Sunday, July 10, 2005

Harry Potter Backlash

Meo-o-o-w! The Guardian disses Jo. (Thanks to Blog of a B.S. for link.) And so does Joel Stein in the L.A. Times. I'm a Stein fan, but I have to say, he's done funnier stuff. (Thanks to Child_Lit for the link.)

Would Our Men and Women in Iraq Appreciate A Used Potter?

While researching what to send to a relative serving in Iraq, I found Operation Paperback, an organization that collects lightly used paperbacks to send to American service people in any number of countries. Of course, I think that's a good idea, even though there's absolutely nothing in it for me because the organization asks that you not send books geared toward a teenage audience.

Which opens up the can of worms discussed at links I posted earlier today. Is Potter for adults or not?

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