Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What's Happening Out There

There was lots of talk last week about a New Yorker article entitled Candy Man about Roald Dahl. Not being a major Dahl fan, myself, I just got around to reading it. The author says that Dahl is more popular with kids than adults, which is as it should be since he is a children's writer. Personally, I prefer his adult short stories>

The new Horn Book has a review of a book called The Diary of Pelly D by L. J. Adlington that I think looks promising.

The Connecticut Center for the Book puts out a publication called Readings. The Summer, 2005 issue includes an article called Drawn to Books by Christine Palm that says original children's illustrations are becoming very collectible. And valuable.

And finally Blog of a B.S. reports that the Disney version of Snow White is going to be remade as...a martial arts movie! The seven dwarfs will be replaced by seven martial artists! I can't manage a link to the original article, but I saw it! And I can't wait!

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