Friday, July 29, 2005

My Summer Thus Far

My summers are usually pretty nonproductive, and this one is no exception. I did an eighth draft of Happy Kid! in June. I've been slowly working on a mailing to schools in Connecticut. I've been trying to do a little self-study on writing short stories. All of which I've mentioned. I've done little real writing this past month, though, slowly, slowly, I came up with a new point of view and twist to the book for the lower grades that I've been talking about for a couple of years.

Things are just coming around with that, I'm just getting to the point where maybe I can start working on it for real. So, of course, I've heard from my editor. I'll be getting feedback on Happy Kid! next week, which means all other work will stop while I go back to that. That always, always happens.

Actually, for me that is quite a productive summer.

What's more, I've been asked to speak at a teachers' conference next winter! My first one. I've said yes. Unfortunately, I don't know what teachers' conference I've agreed to speak for because my contact has always used an acronym. When I've figured out what it means, I'll get back to you.

And I am reading a YA book that I'm really liking. When I've finished it and done some research on the book, I'll get back to you on that, too.

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