Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Movie Version of a Deep and Meaningful Classic

I've been seeing references to a trailer for a Curious George movie, and now I've finally seen it. The colors are nice. I'm not being sarcastic, I just didn't think the trailer showed enough to give much of an idea of what the movie will be like. Though after having spent many hours watching old Curious George videos that appeared to have been made from stills of the original illustrations while someone read the book on the soundtrack, I have to say almost any kind of movie will be an improvement on what I'm used to.

The Curious George stories have one of the strongest and most consistent themes I can recall in a picture book--no matter how much trouble a monkey gets himself into, there's always hope for redemption. They aren't lessons in the perils of doing bad. Instead, I think they provide comfort for good kids (and all kids are good, right?)who sometimes find themselves in situations they regret. Hey, we've all been there.

I sincerely hope that movie turns out well.

(Thanks to Book Kitten for the trailer link.)

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