Thursday, October 06, 2005

Some People Really Don't Have Much To Do With Their Time, Do They?

I've been hearing mutterings about some complaints about the Junie B. Jones books and finally tracked down an article about them. It seems that Barbara Park gets some nasty letters about her young creation. The complaints? That poor little Junie B. has grammatical problems and isn't any adult's idea of a fantasy child. Personally, I'm not a major fan of the series because to me the humor doesn't seem child-like enough. I find it a little on the adult side. But to complain because a child sounds like a child? In a children's book? What's the kid supposed to sound like?

Don't get me started on my theory that people read because they want to connect with others like themselves--real people (authors) through their literary creations or fictional people who readers can identify with. This goes for child readers, too. What should children be reading if not books with childish characters?

Oh, wait. Too late. I'm started.

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