Friday, September 29, 2006

An Interruption In Service

I'm off on vacation for a week, so I won't be posting until after October 6.

The audio book for this trip is Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. I only just recently heard of this book, so when I found it on the audio shelf at the library I, of course, assumed I was receiving some kind of message.

While I'm not crazy about journey-through-the-woods stories, the family member I'll be traveling with likes that sort of thing. I'm not allowed to listen to Jane Austen in the car anymore.

I also picked up Charles Frazier's new book for the trip. A number of years ago I had a wonderful experience reading Cold Mountain on a car trip to Florida. On the way down we happened to cross a river mentioned in the book. On the way back we stopped in Charleston and wandered through a market area the female main character (you know--Nicole Kidman) shopped in before she was confined to that farm because of the war. It was all so...mystical.

We're going to Cape Cod so I don't have much hope of any reading/life connections with this particular book this trip.

I also have picture books and magazines and articles on writing packed. I'm not going to get to most of that stuff. But vacation is about fantasy, right?

Here's hoping I come back fit for work. I've been sort of...drifting...this...past...month...sigh...yawn...

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