Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's A Writer To Do?

I happen to know that I'm going to receive an invitation to a reception for authors and illustrators sponsored by a librarians' organization. It sounds like a meet-and- greet thing for authors/illustrators and school librarians.

Now we are all offered the opportunity to sell and sign our books at this event. We provide our own books and, I assume, take care of all the selling, etc. It's not a requirement.

I'm definitely going to go to this event, but I'm not sure about selling books. I've never done the selling myself before, and I'm not totally comfortable about it.

What do you suppose the other guests at this reception would prefer? Would they like to have books available for sale and signing? Or would they feel they were being pressured to buy? Would they rather I just show up with postcards, bookmarks, and brochures relating to my school visits?

Any thoughts?

I'm thinking about contacting the sponsors and asking, "What are the other kids going to do?"

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