Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've Always Wondered About The Dursleys

I wasn't going to do any Potter Posts until Friday because there are quite enough of them out here in the blogosphere, and the world doesn't need any more from me. But Chris Bohjalian's alternate Harry Potter ending in The Boston Globe was so marvelous, I couldn't ignore it. Some of the other authors didn't seem to take the assignment as seriously, and Bohjalian dealt with a portion of the book that has always bothered me, the Dursleys.

The Dursleys have always seemed like cartoon characters, and Harry's human nature has never been addressed from the human side, only in terms of his being a mixed blood as far as the wizards are concerned. In all the frenzy over whom Rowling is going to off, no one has considered whether or not she might do something more with the Dursleys in this last book.

Now that would be interesting.

Oh! Oh! If Rowling does another book in the Potterverse, it could be about Dudley seeking the cousin he'd done badly by when they were children! He could be seeking redemption.

Unless...Dudley is one of the characters who buys the farm in this book. It could happen.

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