Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lemonade Mouth Continues To Make Its Way Across America

Mark Peter Hughes is continuing his roadtrip across America. If his blog is to be believed, he knows people everywhere. Right now he appears to be partying his way into the western sunset.

His NPR commentaries about his roadtrip, however, were cancelled by the network. The producer involved was going on leave for a month. Really, I would have enjoyed listening to those.

On the other hand, his book Lemonade Mouth was included in Colleen Mondor's July column at Bookslut.

You'd think from the amount of space I'm giving Hughes' trip at this blog that I absolutely loved his book. I've never even read it. I just love what he's doing this summer.

Not that I'd consider doing it, myself. I'm somewhat anti-social. Something very ugly would happen if I stayed on the road as long as he has. And he isn't even done yet. But I'm perfectly happy to read about someone else doing it.

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