Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Managing Misery

You often read about authors working along on a new project and suddenly realizing that everything they've done to date stinks. They are inept, the whole concept was lame to begin with, etc. Oh, yes. It happens. Regularly.

I haven't experienced too much of it with The Durand Cousins, possibly because the last couple of weeks I've been working much faster than I usually do. (Yesterday I actually did 2,700 words, which is unheard of for me, though some of it was from some freewriting I did on Sunday.) But this morning I could feel doubt seeping in like a gas that comes curling under a door in a horror movie. I am probably reacting to some anxiety over the Girl/Boy Books rather than the new project, but misery definitely has a snowball effect.

Then I did a fifty minute workout, sixty crunches of various types, and some stretching, and now I'm feeling wonderful.

Speaking of working out, did anyone else see Mitali Perkins' video of her launch party? What do you think? Could someone develop a cool workout video around this kind of dance? They had some intervals of serious lower body work going there, including one move I think Kathy Smith calls "around the world."

Laughing, are you? Aerobic videos designed around dance are hard.


Pooja said...

There are lots of South Asian dance-inspired workout videos.

Gail Gauthier said...

It looks like an obvious way to go to me.