Friday, August 24, 2007

Does This Sound Like A Great Setting Or What?

We have a family member who designs, among other things, septic systems. As a result, I have been subjected to sewage talk from him and his colleagues at social gatherings, the grocery store, and the dinner table. Don't get me wrong. We're talking fascinating verbal exchanges here. Nonetheless, I am aware that other people talk about politics and religion when they get together rather than solids and effluent.

So my interest was definitely aroused when I learned of the existence of The Qwikpick Adventure Society by Sam Riddleburger. According to the book description at Amazon, the main characters go to a sewage plant! If you go to the The Qwikpick Adventure Society homepage, you can find a list of other sewage-related books.

Who knew there were enough books on the subject to make a list?

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