Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Far More Serious Historian

We in the kidlitosphere usually think of J.L. Bell as being a kidlit guy because of his blog Oz and Ends. But he's also a history guy who was quoted in The Boston Globe recently in relation to the historical accuracy of a certain HBO series. You know. John Adams.

I finally went over and took a look at Mr. Bell's other blog Boston 1775. I am now embarrassed to have called myself a history geek here, since I know he sometimes drops by. The difference between J.L. Bell and myself is that he reads history and about history. He's a primary source reader, and I'm a secondary source reader.

Believe it or not, though, I am interested in smallpox in pre-Revolutionary times. As luck would have it, Boston 1775 has a post on same. Who knows what other great stuff is over there?

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Karen Day said...

John knows about more than just history. He pretty much knows something about everything. We've been in the same critique group for the past eight years. Let me tell you, he's a great resource and a good guy, too!