Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Uncomfortable Memories

Google Reader is working out fantastically for me. I definitely have more time. In fact, so much time that I just went through all 50 of The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters.

Unfortunately, they reminded me of how, when I was a girl, my whole family would go visit this other whole family in another town who had a daughter my age. Instead of visiting with Vicky, I'd read her brother Roger's DC Comic Books. If it wasn't for ol' Rog, I'd hardly know about DC because I was a Marvel woman, myself.

Now, looking back, I realize I was an incredibly rude child who probably had issues with socialization. However, in my defense, Vicky was kind of into boys and clothes. What in Heaven's name would we have talked about?

She's supposed to have married an Italian commercial airplane pilot and ended up living in Rome. I don't think she was too scarred by my behavior.

The link above came from Blog of a Bookslut.


Kelly said...

Hah! Funny story, Gail. It reminds me of my first school-sanctioned pen pal. We finally connected by phone and all she could talk about was "Leif Garret, Dittos, Levis" and other boys and brand names I didn't know.

Glad to hear reader is working well for you. I swear, it's my savior!

Dawn said...

LOL Yesterday my 9 year old daughter went with my husband on a business road trip. He had to go see a few clients and knew they had children and so he invited her along. She had a great time but quietly confided in me later that all the girls they went to visit were real girly girls. They played with polly pockets and talked about boys...and she likes reading, like you, and is into riding her bike and setting goals for swimming so she can go to the Olympics.

Gail Gauthier said...

It's hard to make connections with members of your own sex when you don't share what might be called their stereotypical interests. It's the same for men. A lot of the men in my family often find themselves without much to add to guy conversations because they're not interested in team sports.