Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And What Will Happen After All That Work?

I had a pretty good day today, working through an info dump and making a good intro/ transition on a chapter that didn't have one. I'm almost at the point in this manuscript at which I decided before Christmas that I needed to start over once again and do a ninth draft. That's good because if I recall correctly, the end was in sight back before Christmas, so it ought to be making an appearance again soon.

I'm about a month behind in reading my editor and agent blogs. I don't recall how I originally stumbled upon The Crowe's Nest, but I found this January 9th interview with Simon Pulse editor Michael del Rosario interesting. The part that related to my day was in his answer to the first question. In it he talks about how many people have to sign off on a submission before they even begin negotiating with an agent.

Jeezum Crow, as one of my characters would say.

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