Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gail Loves Kids Heart Authors Day

I had one excellent morning at Bank Square Books in Mystic, Connecticut, which hosted five author/illustrators for Kids Heart Authors Day. We had a nice, steady stream of people stopping by (and purchasing) and great booksellers who did a wonderful job preparing for us.

I also met some terrific new people. (But what kidlit people aren't terrific, right?):

Deborah Freedman, author and illustrator of Scribble.

Sandra Horning, who wrote The Giant Hug

Laura Jacques who illustrated Whistling Wings (among other things--I saw some of her other books there today)

Nancy Tafuri who has written and illustrated a number of books but was signing The Blue Goose today, as well as I couple of other titles I didn't catch because, well...

...we were all talking and having a good time!

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Deborah Freedman said...

We did have a good time! I really enjoyed meeting you, Gail.