Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Is Hardly Good News

Those of us who didn't care for him as a teenager are probably not going to like Holden Caulfield any better as a 76 year old. Evidently J.D. Salinger wasn't delighted to hear about this, either.

I like reworkings of classics, myself. But I prefer that they be classics I liked in the first place or find interesting for some reason. And I guess I also prefer that they be classics that are so old that the original authors are dead. If the authors are still alive, the revisionist work is treading on their turf. If they're dead, the reworking brings their work to the attention of new readers.

Just think of the new readers who are going to be exposed to Pride and Prejudice as a result of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I have a friend who reread the original just to get ready for the zombie book.

I might like Catcher in the Rye better if it included some zombies.

Training Report: Oh, woe is me. I lost four days of work what with the holiday weekend and errands and family stuff yesterday. I have a very hard time getting into flow again after something like that. I did manage to revise two segments for the 365 Story Project today and copy one over nicely onto my hard drive. And I did a few paragraphs on my new essay.

In 48 hours we'll be having another weekend!


Lizzy Maupin said...

For goodness sake, STOP WITH THE ZOMBIES!

Actually, if Romeo and Juliet ended with a zombie Juliet eating Romeo praying mantis style I'd have liked more.

Gail Gauthier said...

The zombies don't bother me so much as the vampires right now because I haven't read any zombie books yet. Once I've read as many zombie books as I have vampire books...