Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Evidence That I Am A Horrible Person Just Keeps Piling Up

Earlier today, as in just about two hours ago, I learned that a young family member had a rough experience dealing with the death of the father of one of his young students. Within half an hour of hearing about this situation, I thought, Gee, beloved nephew could do a personal essay on this. This sure sounds like a case of a personal experience that would connect with all humanity.

Then I was ashamed of myself for always turning experience into writing.

Just now, really, just two hours later, I saw this post over at Read Roger. Roger Sutton writes about helping to choose the next National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, and he lists all kinds of lovely qualifications for the position. I immediately thought, Wouldn't it make a hysterical story if some person who wasn't a "Dynamic and engaging personality" and didn't have a "Known ability to relate to children; communicates well and regularly with them" got the job? Wouldn't it make a really funny, say, Judd Apatow movie if an Adam Sandler or David Spade-type character was named to a position like the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature?

Maybe I'm just too nasty to be writing for kids.

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