Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nobody's Getting Rich

Pimp My Novel has an interesting (or, maybe, discouraging) post on the profits on book sales and who gets them. Note that discounting has an impact on royalties.

More recently, the same site did a post on sales and advances relating to children's books. In describing the difference between middle grade and YA fiction, he said, "MG plots tend to center on the protagonist's internal world, whereas YA plots are more complex and are more concerned with the protagonist's effect on his or her external world."

I had never heard that before. I will have to think about it.


J. L. Bell said...

That comment on the difference between middle-grade and young-adult plots brought me up short, too. It strikes me that middle-grade books are more often stories of action, with the relatively few stories of character getting most of the Newberies. Young-adult books tend more toward stories of character, with more introspection. But the “Pimp My Novel” blogger did say that children's books weren't his/her field.

Gail Gauthier said...

Yeah, I wondered if someone had recently told him that.