Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can My So-Called Writing Process Get Any Worse?

I'm sure it can, because it always does.

I've bored you before with the struggle I have with work now that I've lost a couple of days a week to eldercare. Working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday means I have to lose time each one of those days getting myself back up to speed. But at least I had a schedule, even if it was one that didn't work very well.

Then I lost my Thursday and then my Tuesday morning martial arts class. On the one hand, that does free up some time for work, and it looks as if I ought to be able to do at least a little something each day. On the other hand, I'm doing the martial arts training one night a week and trying to do some training at home to compensate for the second lost class. Chaos in terms of getting my life in order again.

I made a change a few weeks ago that involved rolling out of bed and trying to write a few hundred words first thing. Then I'm off for the morning physical training routine and, most days, distraction due to family issues with a plan to get into real writing mode by mid-day. I think that eventually this is going to work out for me, since I now can do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The last few days, though, I needed to do some home-related things here at the house. Since I'd started that do-a-few-hundred words thing and was into little bursts of writing, what I did was sit at the computer for a few minutes, go do one of those things that needed to be done. Work for a little while, do something else. Today I haven't been feeling well, so I'd work at the bedroom work station (Yes! We have a bedroom work station!), go back to bed, drag myself back to the work station, get myself back to bed.

Progress is being made. It's not stellar, but it's there. However, I am really feeling the upheaval of being between schedules and never having anything finished.

I also keep imagining trying to explain this work process to a group of grade school students. I'm hoping the process will have evolved into something else before I have to do that.

Off to bed.

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