Monday, April 18, 2011

One Ordeal Behind Me

I decided I needed to put some new material in the work in progress earlier on. So I've been working on an new Chapter Six for...I don't know...ten years? Twelve? I wish I had some idea when I started the thing. I'm guessing it only feels like ten or twelve years and that in reality it was more like five or six weeks. I did the chapter, and then immediately started writing it over again.

And I finished that rewrite less than five minutes ago.

One of the problems with a revision like that is that you can't just write an entire chapter of new material as a block and drop it into place. You have to do all kinds of things to the earlier chapters to lead up to the new material and to make sure that you aren't contradicting anything that came before.

I was on Chapter Fourteen (I think) when I decided to do this, so I'll need to go over all the material after the new Chapter Six, because the new material is sure to have an impact on everything that follows. But right now I believe that should be relatively easy, and I'm going to continue to believe that until I learn otherwise.

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