Friday, April 29, 2011

I Don't Believe This Actually Explains How "That Spark Of Creativity Find(s) Its Way" Anywhere

The Atlantic has a special report with the unfortunate title How Genius Works. It begins with "Great art begins with an idea. Sometimes a vague or even bad one. How does that spark of creativity find its way to the canvas, the page, the dinner plate..." and a number of other places. T.C. Boyle, the one writer included, does a piece explaining how he does first drafts, which isn't bad, by any means, but what he talks about is the mechanics of revision.

When I think about the spark of creativity finding its way somewhere, what I want to know is how a writer or some other type of creative person generate material from that original idea and develop it into a completed work. I need to know how Boyle came up with that page he then revised.

Link from Blog of a Bookslut.

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