Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Guide To The Olympics

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide To The Olympics

I would just like to add that the real reason the Olympics is a treat is that it includes a lot of individual sports competitions that don't take hours to watch. It is an event custom made for people like myself who don't have a long enough attention span to watch a UConn women's basketball game or anything else that involves a ball passing among a bunch of people.

A vault in gymnastics--Over in seconds.

Fencing--Three three-minute rounds, and you are done. Though what happens if the third round is over and neither opponent has reached 15 points? That didn't happen this morning.

Swimming--No marathons there.

Archery--Didn't seem to take that long to shoot a bunch of arrows when I was watching Japan vs. Russia this weekend. Though even there I lost interest and left the room before the winner was determined.

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