Monday, August 13, 2012

That Crazy Chick Made The "L.A. Times"

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick made an article in the LA Times last month called Nine Books NOT to Read at the Beach. The book was described as a "young-adult novel that’s embarrassing to read in public for all its laugh-out-loud guffaws." That wouldn't bother me. I'm in my little world at the beach, and if I want to laugh, I will laugh. Ha-ha-ha. Like that. Though I don't always look great when I'm laughing.

The article also suggested avoiding reading Charlotte's Web at the beach so you won't have to cry in public.

It's common knowledge the most people look like hell when they're sobbing. When was the last time you heard anyone talking about how people look when they laugh?

That's beside the point, of course. The point is, two children's books made the same list! And, remember, there were only nine books on the list to begin with. Hurray! I guess.

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